Commentary: Language in Delaware budget bill betrays taxpayers

In a blatant disregard for fiscal responsibility and Delaware law, for almost a decade, the Joint Finance Committee has inserted language into the annual budget bill to remove oversight and protections from the use of taxpayer money to fund charter schools. One charter school that is under investigation for financial mismanagement has received millions in […]

COMMENTARY: Is Delaware committing genocide against the middle class?

If you’re still upset about Hillary Clinton’s $600,000 price tag for delivering inspiring speeches to Corporate American entities, then consider the following in the matter of Delaware taxpayer giveaways and job creation: By my calculations, JP Morgan can afford 16.6 Hillary speeches paid by Delaware taxpayer money alone. DuPont/Dow can buy about 20 H.C. inspirational […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: General Assembly ignores alternatives for Delaware

Some of Friday’s House activity needs further explanation and clarification. There have been excuses made, and aspersions cast. I will not attempt to justify or excuse the failures of the entire General Assembly, its leadership and the governor throughout this self-created crisis. However, I do think that the public and all Delawareans deserve to be […]

COMMENTARY: Economic policy or unconditional surrender in Delaware?

“AstraZeneca Cutting Jobs” is the front-page headline in the Dec. 9 issue of The News Journal. That chilling announcement should be cause for alarm among all taxpayers and working families in Delaware. The reality check that should be paramount in the minds of all legislators is the direction that Delaware’s economy is headed and what […]

COMMENTARY: Markell HB 50 veto … Opt-out or cop-out?

It has been over a week since we received Gov. Markell’s message that he had vetoed House Bill 50 (the parental opt-out-rights bill). We feel it is our obligation, as responsible lawmakers, to thoroughly review and consider all aspects of Gov. Markell’s stated reasons for vetoing this legislation.

Unfortunately, we found little if any reasonable logic to the governor’s action and explanation. Quite frankly, there were a few questionable inaccuracies in the statement that lead us to believe that Gov. Markell’s action was premeditated with little thought given to the overwhelming support from parents, teachers, administrators, school boards, and the General Assembly for HB 50.