Scenic Delaware: Rehoboth sunrise

Scenic Delaware: Spring at Governor’s Mansion

Patricia Sterling of Wyoming took the photo at the Governor’s Mansion in Dover on April 6.

Scenic Delaware: Look at the birdie

Vincent J. Deskiewicz of Greenwood took this photo of a cowbird at his home in Blairs Pond Estates on April 17.

Scenic Delaware: At Abbott’s Mill

Scenic Delaware: Full moon over Dover

Brad Richardson of Dover took this photo of Legislative Hall in Dover on March 19.

Scenic Delaware: Out to pasture

Christie Cole of Harrington took this photo of Holstein and Jersey cows relaxing in a field off of Prospect Church Road, outside of Farmington, on April 29.

Scenic Delaware: Foggy start

Dave Tally of Camden took this photo he calls “Foggy Start” on April 7 in Lewes.

Scenic Delaware: Cooped up

Terri Faust of Clayton took this photo of a chicken coop near Killens Pond Trail on April 7.

Scenic Delaware: All in a row

Terri Faust of Clayton took this photo at the Woodland Beach Road boat ramp at low tide last fall.

Scenic Delaware: Spring has sprung

Carlton Walker of Camden took this photo in his Barclay Farms front yard on April 5.