Scenic Delaware: Give a hoot

John Cook of Wyoming took this photo of a barred owl at Brecknock Park in Camden on Feb. 23.

Scenic Delaware: Eastbound and down

Jerry Hull of Clayton took this photo of a train passing through Clayton on Feb. 28.

Scenic Delaware: Icy waters

Arthur Weidner of Milford took this photo at the Cedar Creek drawbridge near Slaughter Beach on Jan. 22.

Scenic Delaware: Taking flight

Michael Losino of Smyrna took this photo of a Northern Pintail in flight at Bombay Hook on March 3.

Scenic Delaware: Feeling sheepish

Patricia Sterling of Wyoming took this photo of sheep on an Amish farm in West Dover on a snowy March 1.

Scenic Delaware: Over the rainbow

Mike Sampere of Dover took this photo from the Dover Sam’s Club facing due east on Feb. 24.

Scenic Delaware: Reflections

Dave Tally of Camden took this photo on the Milford Riverwalk on Oct. 24.

Scenic Delaware: Sunset at Griffith Lake

Beth Baker of Greenwood took this photo at sunset on Griffith Lake in Milford on Feb. 5.

Scenic Delaware: Surf’s up

Nancy Hedgespeth took this photo of a female long-tailed duck surfing at the Indian River Inlet last month.

Scenic Delaware: The Calm Before the Storm

Lee Mullarkey took this picture titled “The Calm Before the Storm” prior to an all-day rain last month in Dover.