Commentary: What is the Christian’s role in government?

In a column a couple of years ago, I wrote about Dr. Wayne Grudem’s views on how Christians should influence politics and government for good. Dr. Grudem mentions what he considers five wrong views that have been presented at various times about Christians and government. The first wrong view is that government should compel religion. […]

Commentary: Delaware legislature failed to act on abortion laws

I delivered the following speech in the Senate chambers at the start of the last day of session after asking for special privilege from the floor. Thank you Madam President, And thank you members of the Senate for your attention. We sometimes disagree on the issues, but my experience has been that agree or disagree, […]

Commentary: Oath includes focusing on liberty and independence

This column was written before the most recent school shootings. Society cannot eliminate every risk, but we can let our youth know their security and well-being are priorities, and they can always share their concerns. Our young people have a right to feel safe in their surroundings. In the Delaware Code, Title 29, Section 5102 […]