COMMENTARY: Facts, not fear-mongering, needed in immigration debate

For many years Congresses and presidents from both parties have failed to compromise on practical solutions to fixing America’s broken immigration system.

Washington is paralyzed by the harsh rhetoric that has framed the immigration debate. Too often, fear-mongering clashes with fact and reason.
Delaware is not Washington. Or at least it’s not supposed to be.

This June, the General Assembly passed bipartisan legislation to make Delaware’s roads safer for everyone. Beginning in 2016, undocumented Delawareans who have (1) paid taxes in Delaware for at least two years; (2) passed driving and vision tests; (3) provided fingerprints for a background check; and (4) paid an application fee will be able to obtain a Driving Privilege Card and drive legally in Delaware. This also will enable these individuals to purchase insurance, again benefiting everyone on our roadways.