Building Bridges: Shooting victim’s sister seeks justice and systemic change

WILMINGTON — Keandra McDole had just clocked into her shift at Rite Aid when her phone started ringing. She checked Facebook and saw her brother’s name. “RIP Jeremy,” she remembers reading. ‘They didn’t have to do Bam Bam like that.’ She asked her manager if she could step out, then got a call from her […]

Building Bridges: Superintendent focuses on promoting educational equity

EDITOR’S NOTE: This series is another collaboration between the Delaware State News and Delaware Public Media. Dorrell Green started to picture himself as an educator when he was in high school. It was all because of one teacher — Mrs. Caldwell.“She was an advocate and someone who stood up for me and demonstrated just a […]

Teachers’ pay in Delaware

Editor’s Note: This is the first story in a collaboration between the State News and Delaware Public Media, which featured the teacher salary issue as part of its show “The Green.” DOVER — When she decided to pursue teaching in Delaware, it wasn’t about the money for Stephanie Ingram, president of the Delaware State Education […]