Another big jump in COVID cases but no new deaths

DOVER — The 408 new coronavirus cases included in the state’s Sunday update again represent one of the highest daily totals over the past eight months.

Delaware has reported 1,253 COVID cases in the past three days, bringing the cumulative count to 28,803, according to the Division of Public Health. There were no new deaths, leaving that total at 736.

The seven-day average for percentage of positive tests is 5.3. The average for percentage of people testing positive, which does not double-count individuals who are tested multiple times with the same result, is 14.1.

Hospitalizations, which have been on the upswing, stood at 132, the most since early June, as of Saturday’s update. Sunday, that total stood at 81, but DPH cautioned the data was incomplete, giving an inaccurate view of the situation.

New Castle County has seen about 54% of cases and 50% of deaths. Fourteen percent of cases and 17% of deaths involve Kent County residents. Sussex County has been home to 31% of cases and 34% of deaths.

Just 5% of deaths have involved individuals younger than 50, including no one under age 18. Those who are 65 and older make up 15% of cases but 83% of deaths.

Forty-one percent of cases and 66% of deaths involve White residents of the state, while 25% of cases and deaths involve Black Delawareans. Hispanic and Latino Delawareans make up 21% of cases but only 7% of deaths.

Females account for 54% of cases and 51% of deaths.

In total, 379,815 Delawareans have been tested, and 14,867 are known to have recovered.

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