Bridgeville’s Evans Farms offers bargain-priced chicken through partnership

Evans Farms employee Trevor Holmes opens the trunk for Amick Farms employee Tyree Edmonds to load a case of chicken Friday during the big truckload sale. The bulk chicken sale, coupled with Evans Farms/The Frozen Farmer drive-thru business, produced a huge turnout and traffic backup along Seashore Highway in Bridgeville. Delaware State News/Glenn Rolfe

BRIDGEVILLE — The early bird gets the worm.

Early risers Friday morning at Evans Farms outside of Bridgeville got first dibs on bargain-price Amick Farms bulk chicken through partnership arrangement with Evans Farms/The Frozen Farmer.

The first wave of customers began arriving several hours before the scheduled 10 a.m. start of Amick’s truckload chicken sale, which featured boneless skinless chicken breasts, wings and tenders in 5-pound bags and 40-pound case options at prices too good to pass up.

“By 8 o’clock there were probably 15 to 20 cars in the parking lot,” said Kevin Evans, owner of the third-generation Evans Farms family operation that includes wife Katey Evans and The Frozen Farmer.

“They (Amick) contacted us to do the chicken truckload sale today. It’s something that they are offering the community, a price savings and we were able to pass that along as well,” said Ms. Evans. “It’s a really good bargain. I mean we’re not getting it wholesale for that cheap. It is an awesome thing that they were able to do to extend that price savings while so many people are out of work right now.”

The combined chicken sale coupled with Evans Farms/The Frozen Farmer’s popular drive-thru pickup produced quite a turnout and noticeable traffic congestion along Seashore Highway just east of Bridgeville. Delaware State Police were on hand along with Delaware’s Department of Transportation to monitor traffic flow.

Saturday morning, it was a similar scene in Clarksville as a Mountaire chicken sale at Hocker’s Super Center drew scores of takers, creating long lines and traffic backups on SR 17.

The line of cars wraps around the Evans Farms Market for drive-thru pickup of groceries and other food items.

At Evans Farms, double lines of vehicles in quest of chicken and grocery/ice cream drive-thru pickup wrapped around the Evans Farms Market; the in-store market itself is currently closed.

“This is our normal line and it’s been like this just about every day,” said Mr. Evans.

Groceries and other items, such as meats, milk and eggs can be purchased via pickup through phone-in orders, which are taken six days a week from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The business is closed Mondays.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. both sides of the business are open, The Frozen Farmer and Evans Farms Market.

Thursday through Sunday open hours are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. “They have until 8 p.m. to pick up their orders but the orders must be placed by 3 p.m. for the groceries,” said Ms. Evans.

An Evans Farms employee tends to one of the customers in staggered lines for the bulk Amick Farms chicken sale, and the Evans Farms/The Frozen Farmer drive-thru for groceries/ice cream.

“The drive-thru grocery and ice cream program that we are doing right now, we’re going to do right up until the end of this virus. The governor has not mandated us to close our doors to the public at this point, but we are doing it out of safety for our community and also our staff and employees,” said Ms. Evans, adding it allows people “to get the essential goods that they need, like meat and eggs, local goods, produce and ice cream — to sweeten their day a little bit — without being in a big grocery store.”

“Grocery stores are so limited right now on what they have to offer the community,” said Ms. Evans. “Thankfully, we’ve had a great local supply chain here, and we’ve not run into any supply issues. Even milk, eggs and local meats, we’ve had in plenty of supply. When they are not able to find it in local grocery stores people are coming to shop with us.”

Evans Farms/The Frozen Farmer staff and employees are following recommended social distancing/safety precautions as prescribed during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ms. Evans said there has been discussion with Amick Farms, based in Hurlock, Maryland, about the possibility of another truckload sale.

“We’ve already talked to them about maybe doing it as an annual thing because it has been so popular,” said Ms. Evans. “It would be nice if we were able to extend that to the community on a yearly basis, not just when we are in a crisis situation.”

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