Coronavirus coverage free to access on Delaware State News website

The spread of the coronavirus and the appearance of COVID-19 in Delaware is the most important news story of the day.

The Delaware State News is dedicated to covering this story as it unfolds, along with the ensuing questions about the unprecedented consequences on all our daily lives.

Darel La Prade

We take our obligation to provide accurate, thorough and unbiased coverage very seriously, and we want to make certain that the news and information we publish is available to everyone, not just to our subscribers.

We want you and all your friends and relatives to count on us as your most important source of news during this crisis.

For this reason, all our coverage about the coronavirus is on our website. Access is open to all – just go to for a comprehensive list of stories or select the “Coronavirus” category from the navigation menu. In one convenient place, you will find international and national news, explanations and advice from our state officials, cancellations, local reactions and opinion.

And, again, access is free to all.

We are also committed to providing a safe environment for our reporters and editors, their families, and the people and the communities we serve. Nothing is more important to us than keeping everyone out of harm’s way.

As a company, we have taken steps to limit our employees’ exposure, and insofar as we can, to prevent spreading the disease.

First, we are asking you to make email your primary means of contacting the newspaper. Whether you have news items, photo submissions, press releases or letters to the editor, please send these to

If you don’t have access to email, then you can always call us at (302) 674-3600. Other relevant email addresses and telephone numbers appear every day in the newspaper on Page 2. Or, you can find this information on our website at

We realize that some of you, though, may need to bring or to deliver something to the newspaper office. Please be advised that, for the foreseeable future, our offices will be closed to the public except from 1 to 3 p.m. Tuesdays and from 9 to 11 a.m. Fridays. Otherwise, the office doors will be locked.

We also want to encourage you to contact us with any questions you would like for us to ask public or elected officials. And if you have suggested ideas for stories, send those along, too.

Finally, please let us know how we are doing. After all, this is your newspaper and your community.

Darel La Prade is publisher of the Delaware State News. He can be reached at or at (443) 235-4704.

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Have a question, tip, or resources about the coronavirus pandemic? Submit it to our newsroom and we’ll do what we can to provide answers.