Deadline set for DE Relief Grant Program

DOVER — Eligible Delaware small businesses and nonprofits will have until Dec. 4 to apply for a DE Relief Grant, the Delaware Division of Small Business announced Thursday.

DE Relief Grants are a joint effort between the state of Delaware and New Castle County, administered by the state Division of Small Business. Under the rules of the federal CARES Act, from which the program money comes, the state and county must use available funds by Dec. 31. The application deadline of Dec. 4 provides time for all applications to be reviewed and funds to be dispersed prior to the end of the year.

The third application round of the $150 million program officially opened last week. In this round, even more businesses are eligible for funds.

Small businesses no longer need to demonstrate a revenue decline of at least 7.5% from 2019 to 2020, but instead simply any decrease in revenue, regardless of size. And businesses that received personal protective equipment funding of more than $1 million are now eligible, as well.

Approved applicants in disproportionately impacted industries will be receiving a 15% bonus allocation in the coming weeks. This bonus will apply to those who have already received grants and those who receive them going forward in a qualifying industry.

To this point, 1,904 applicants have accepted and/or been approved for more than $61 million in grants, with requests for another $31.2 million currently undergoing the review process.

The median grant award has been a little more than $20,000. The typical recipient had a median annual 2019 gross revenue of just under $500,000.

The grants doled out break down as follows:

• Microenterprises (fewer than 10 full-time employees) make up 72% of grant recipients and have received 47% of the total funding — $28.8 million.

• More than half of that went to businesses with fewer than five FTE — $15.4 million.

• 77% of funding has gone to businesses in disproportionately impacted industries, including restaurants, retail, personal care, child care, etc. — $47.3 million.

• Nearly a quarter of funding has gone to women-owned businesses — $15.2 million.

• 17% of funding has gone to minority-owned businesses — $10.5 million.

• Grant recipients come from each of Delaware’s three counties.

As a reminder, businesses and nonprofits that are applying should make sure to:

• Provide their entire federal 2019 tax return (requirement may be different for nonprofits).

• Submit their current state of Delaware business license.

• Confirm that their expenses are eligible.

• Triple-check their application for accuracy before submitting.

Due to the positive response from so many businesses, the division’s application helpline will stay open through the end of the application period from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays. Applicants can call 672-6816 for assistance from one of DSB’s regional business managers.

Numerous additional resources can be found at, including an extensive Q&A document, demonstration videos and a full explanation of eligible expenses.

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