Delaware hits 50,000 COVID cases

DOVER — Delaware surpassed 50,000 positive COVID tests this weekend. It now stands at 50,616 as of 6 p.m. Saturday.

The state has reported 854 deaths stemming from coronavirus, an increase of eight from the prior update. About 55% of those involve residents of long-term care centers.

Currently, 410 people are hospitalized, with 66 critically ill.

There were 45,429 cases, 838 fatalities and 357 hospitalizations one week ago and 30,877 cases, 768 deaths and 170 hospitalizations as of Nov. 19.

Daily hospitalizations and new cases have exceeded the previous highs from late April.

As of the most recent update, 9.7% of tests were positive. The seven-day average, a key metric used by state officials, is 9.4%.

Just 4% of deaths have involved individuals younger than 50, including no one under age 18. Those who are 65 and older make up 83% of deaths but 14% of cases.

Forty-five percent of cases and 67% of deaths involve White residents of the state, while 25% of cases and deaths involve Black Delawareans. Hispanic and Latino Delawareans make up 18% of cases but only 7% of deaths. Delawareans of other races account for 13% of cases and 2% of deaths.

There have been 422 deaths involving residents of New Castle County, 284 involving people from Sussex County and 156 involving those living in Kent County.

Statewide, females account for 53% of cases and 51% of fatalities.

In total, 484,059 Delawareans, or about half the state population, have been tested.

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