Letter to the Editor: Democracy: A casualty of the coronavirus

Our democracy is the greatest casualty of the coronavirus. Severe restrictions on our civil liberties have been justified as necessary to protect public health. However, the longer these restrictions last, the less likely Americans will see their democracy again.

Continuous executive orders and dire predictions of disease have created a pandemic of fear, which has blinded our citizens to the very real threats to their civil liberties. Americans are not allowed to meet in groups, places of worship or parks, even if they maintain social distancing, wear masks, and abide by the numerous attempts to micromanage their behavior.

They can earn of living only in “essential” occupations; the rest have to go onto the new welfare system called “stimulus and payroll protection.” The increasing threats to our civil liberties are dangerous.

The main excuse for not reopening our economy and society is the lack of knowledge who is infected by the virus. We need rapid, reproducible screens for infection now. Elected officials are raising false worries about immunity and contact tracing. We are fighting a virus, we are not building a police state.

People’s lives are being irreversibly changed by our so-called leaders. Americans must protest attacks on civil liberties.

Paul Gilligan

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