Department of Public Health announces 123 new COVID cases, 2 new deaths

DOVER — Delaware’s Department of Public Health announced 123 new positive COVID-19 cases and two new deaths attributed to the virus on Sunday morning.

The two people who died were both residents of Kent County. One was 64 and one was 72. Both had underlying health conditions and neither was a resident of a long-term care facility. This brings the total to 615 deaths since March 11.

At present, for every 10,000 Delaware residents, 5.1 people have died from COVID-19.

The number of positive cases continues to rise more rapidly in New Castle County than downstate.

New Castle County has added 103 new positive cases since Saturday while Kent and Sussex counties have added just 6 and 13 cases respectively.

In Delaware, the average percentage of people who have tested positive for the virus has also continued to rise. Statewide, the rate has jumped from 4.7% on Monday all the way up to 6.4% on Sunday.

This comes as 22 new people were hospitalized with COVID-19 across Delaware, bringing the total number of people hospitalized up two from Saturday’s numbers to 68. The number of those in critical condition has risen by two, bringing the total to 17.

Delaware continues to test thousands of new people every day. Since Saturday, 1,751 new people have been tested and since Sept. 6, 8,837 new people have been tested.

At present, 2,751.9 people have been tested in Delaware for every 10,000 residents.

Statewide, 242,447 people have tested negative for the virus.

In Delaware, no ethnic group has been hit by the virus more heavily than Latinos.

Within the state’s Hispanic population, 514.6 people have been infected for every 10,000. That’s over twice as much the rate for Delaware’s non-Hispanic black population, which has been infected at a rate of 238.7 per 10,000, and over five times the rate for Delaware’s non-Hispanic white population, which has 102.8 infections for every 10,000 people.

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