Dover Public Library extends virtual services during shutdown

“Miss Jackie” McCabe will perform on the Dover Public Library Facebook page Monday at 10 a.m. (Delaware State News file photo)

DOVER — There’s a certain amount of irony in that this is National Library Week. Libraries, of course, are currently closed due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

But while the actual buildings are shuttered, there is still quite a bit of action going on at the Dover Public Library, as well as libraries across the state.

Much of it is geared to children and taking place on the library’s Facebook Live page.

“A lot of kids are scared and they’re unsure what’s going on because they know that they’re getting to stay at home. But they might see Mom and Dad a little stressed,” said Susan Elizabeth Cordle, head of Youth Services for the Dover Public Library.

“And we want to kind of help relieve that stress syndrome, that it’s going to be OK. We’ll get through this together.”

Starting on April 4, the library has been featuring different activities such as story time, music and movement classes on Facebook.

“For example, starting this Friday and every Friday, we will have our Furry Friend Fridays storytime. So staff has some cute furry friends that we can bring in. Kids relate really well with animals so that should add a lot for our kids. They miss their storytime so it’s a great way to get our storytime going again,” she said.

That will be at 2 p.m. on the Dover Public Library Facebook page.

A familiar face around the Dover Public Library for years has been “Miss Jackie” McCabe. She has been sharing her songs and stories on the library’s Facebook page and will do it again Monday at 11 a.m.

Virtual activities are not limited to children, however.

Today at 11 a.m., adults or teens who love to cook can learn how to make two simple spice mixes, one for chicken and one for hamburgers during the DIY Spice Mix program. Recipes will be shared following the presentation.

Ask a Librarian will take place on Fridays at noon.

“You’ll be able to ask a librarian any question you want from ‘What’s the weather like?’ to ‘What’s your favorite food”” Ms. Cordle said.

Librarians will also go over key things to know while the facility is closed.

On May 29 at 4 p.m., the library will host a tutorial for a program they have called Creativebug.

“It’s kind of like Pinterest. However it’s for crafters and you can learn to make different things,” Ms. Cordle said.

“What’s neat about that is that it gives live videos. So if you want to find something that you’re wanting to craft like I did in a satellite program where I learned how to do a constellation sewing thing and I learned how to do that by watching a video. They’ve got videos but they also have written directions depending on what you want to learn. So we’re going to help show people what Creativebug is capable of.”

Taking advantage of that requires a library card. But if you don’t have one, fear not. That too can be done online by going to

And while you can’t come into the library these days and check out books, there is a host of online options one can take advantage of by going to

“That just came out at the end of March, early April. It has access to visual magazines and you can access videos. You can actually stream videos now so that’s really neat. So you can have books, magazines or movies. You can check out a total of four items in one month,” Ms. Cordle said.

“If they’re looking for e-books, Overdrive is a huge service. And there’s other things people are really getting into like ‘Let me learn something.’ So we’ve got Transparent Language, which is where people can learn languages. If someone’s just wanting to learn something new, we’ve got Universal Class for them to learn different things. They are available through our library’s website.”

Access to those services and a look at what is available at other libraries across the state can be obtained at

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