DPH announces 147 new COVID-19 cases and 1 new death

DOVER — The Division of Public Health announced 147 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday.

Younger adults continue to make up the lion’s share of Delaware’s cases. Thirty-two percent of the cases statewide can be attributed to people between the ages of 18 and 34, while 23% can be attributed to those aged 35 to 46 and 20% can be attributed to those aged 50 to 64.

Those aged 17 and younger make up less than 10 percent of the state’s total case load while those 65 or older make up 16% of Delaware’s cases.

Still, senior citizens make up 85% of all those who have died in Delaware. Those aged 50-64 constitute another 11% of the deaths. Residents of long-term care facilities constitute about 59% of the COVID-19 deaths statewide.

The state announced one new death on Sunday, an 80-year-old living in a long-term care facility in Sussex County who had an underlying health condition.

In Delaware, women are more likely to contract and die from COVID-19 than men. Fifty-four percent of the people who have contracted the virus statewide are female and 52% of those who have died from the virus are women.

Latinos are also over-represented in the pool of Delaware residents who have contracted COVID-19. They make up just 9% of the state’s population but 22% of its COVID-19 cases. Still, deaths due to COVID-19 amongst those who identify as Hispanic make up just 7% of the state’s total.

DPH also extended its data on where those who have tested positive for the virus report having been in the two weeks before their diagnoses through Saturday.

Of those surveryed, 153 or 27% reported having been to an event or venue. Twenty-nine reported having been at a restaurant, 19 reported having been at a religious service, 18 reported having visited the beach or attended a wedding and 11 reported having visited a gym.

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