DSP warns of scam involving false WHO contacts

DOVER — Delaware State Police on Monday warned of a new scam in involving contacts supposedly coming from the World Health Organization, spokeswoman Senior Cpl. Heather Pepper said.

According to the WHO’s webpage, various online scams involving emails are circulating falsely appearing to be from or associated with the organization. The scam emails request money or information from nonprofit organizations, businesses and individuals with a promise of funds or other benefits sent in return, DSP said.

The emails appear to come from WHO or a United Nations address. In the scam reported to the DSP, the email address came from an organization with which the individual was familiar.

“It has only been reported in New Castle County but we are warning all of Delaware in the event others have received the same scam and have not reported it or heard of it,” Cpl. Pepper said.

More information on the WHO scam is available at who.int/about/scamalert/en/.

DSP reminded the public to never send money or personal information in response to anyone who claims to be awarding funds, grants, scholarships, certificates, lottery winnings or prizes.

DSP said if you have any doubts about an email, letter or phone call, verify its authenticity before taking any action. DSP also urged citizens to remain vigilant as the coronavirus situation evolves, as there have been numerous scams associated with the outbreak.

For updated information, call Delaware 211 or go online to de.gov/Coronavirus.

For information on how to identify a scam, visit the Federal Trade Commission at ftc.gov/coronavirus.

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