Food truck donates food to ChristianaCare employees

Leigh Ann Tona, the owner of the I Don’t Give a Fork food truck, is providing free meals to ChristianaCare employees this week thanks to donations from her customers. (Submitted photo)

CHRISTIANA — Leigh Ann Tona has spent years serving up sandwiches all over Delaware, whether it’s at the Firefly Music Festival, NASCAR races, state parks, local schools, breweries or office buildings.

This week, her food truck I Don’t Give a Fork is feeding those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms. Tona is providing free meals to ChristianaCare employees through Thursday. The meals are paid for thanks to donations from her customers who raised enough money for 180 sandwiches.

“I was a little nervous when I first put out the idea that maybe five or 10 people would donate and I’d have to embarrassingly call ChristianaCare and be like, ‘I only have 10 sandwiches,’” Ms. Tona said with a laugh. “But we ended up having almost double what I expected from the get-go.”

I Don’t Give a Fork specializes in sandwiches, burgers, wraps, fries and chicken tenders — all food which does not require a utensil, hence the name.

The meals for hospital workers feature a sandwich, a bag of chips and a water bottle. The sandwiches this week include turkey, corned beef, roast beef and a vegetarian option.

Ms. Tona’s customers raised so much money that there wasn’t enough room on the food truck to make all the sandwiches in one day. She dropped off sandwiches on Tuesday at Christiana Hospital and will be back again today before heading to ChristianaCare’s Wilmington facility on Thursday.

I Don’t Give a Fork was forced to cancel all of its events through the end of June due to the virus. Ms. Tona is currently only serving at one spot during the pandemic, Wilmington’s Brew Works from 4-7 p.m. every Friday.

She said the current donations to hospital workers is a win-win for any small business like hers.

“It’s a good pay-it-forward situation,” Ms. Tona said. “People feel good about donating money. Millions of restaurant workers are out of jobs right now and other people don’t have their businesses open. This is a really good way for people to support local businesses and have them able to still have their employees come to work but also support the health care workers at the same time who are providing an even bigger job right now.”

“The health care workers don’t have to pay us anything,” she added.

“I think that’s nice for them because I know they’re working 12-hour shifts right now multiple days in a row. I know when I work long days I never want to make my own food. So I’m sure it’s kind of a reprieve for them to save them time from making their own food, whether it’s me or another restaurant, I’m sure they really appreciate it.”

Ms. Tona first reached out to ChristianaCare on April 9 and quickly put a plan in place.

She opened up for donations on April 10 and her customers answered the call right away, with 75 percent of donations coming on the first day. Ms. Tona said she couldn’t have done it without the generosity of her customers.

“Everyone has been really supportive,” Ms. Tona said. “I’ve seen a lot of my regular customers and they don’t necessarily live close. It’s been humbling that people have been doing that.”

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