‘Home Bound’ illustrates just how we’re all coping

Winifred Way, a Dover artist, expressed how she was feeling after listening to news reports about the pandemic.

DOVER — Some notes and quotes between headlines, deadlines and hopefully adequately spaced grocery store lines …


Winifred Way, a Dover artist, brightened our day with an email a few days ago.

She attached the illustration that appears with today’s column.

“I was at my drawing table listening to the news about people being homebound in Italy and New York,” she wrote. “I’m from Astoria, Queens.

“All my friends staying home, how that is going to work? So as an artist, I just put hand to paper. And came up with illustration ‘Home Bound.’

“Just a little something telling them stay safe, thinking about them.”

Her email signature followed the line, “Love the Arts.”

It has been interesting to learn what people have been doing to pass the time at home and certainly expressing one’s self with art is appreciated by others and helpful to one’s mental health.

In fact, getting her illustration reminded me of “The Big Draw” held last fall in Milford. The local event was part of an international effort.

“Drawn to life: creativity and well-being” was the theme.

In this column about a year ago, Rosemary Connelly, a Milford artist who initiated the art celebration in Delaware, shared its meaning.

“As a non-verbal language, drawing has a power to transmute and evolve, adapting to each maker’s need to find a voice, meaning expression and empowerment are unsurpassable,” Ms. Connelly said at the time. “For many it plays a key role in recovery in illness, health challenges, anxiety and times of major upheaval, loss and change. For others it can help them re-connect with a community, combat loneliness and the sense of isolation.”

Ms. Connelly said many artists are doing just that.

She is a member of the “Urban Sketchers” and they have been sharing art and encouraging one another online. The April task, she said, is just drawing things in your home.

“That’s just what we’re doing in this pandemic,” she said Friday. “We’re just drawing our hearts out.”

Like so many of us, she mentioned the unknowns of upcoming events.

The Big Draw is scheduled for October again this year in Milford, but there are still questions to be answered about precautions, including social distancing and the allowed size of gatherings.

“I don’t know with the way things are going whether we’ll be able to have it,” she said. “We’re just playing it by ear.”

This year’s theme, she said, will be related to recycling, nature and ecology.


If you are struggling with how to obtain or make a mask to do your daily shopping, we have some helpful guidance planned for Monday’s edition.

We will publish a “how-to” graphic from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

You will learn how to make a face covering from a bandana or an old T-shirt.


Readers, we would love to see images of how you’re expressing yourself during the pandemic.

Send us your artwork or send us images of yourselves in home-designed face coverings.

Email to newsroom@newszap.com.


A few days ago, we asked readers to participate in a quick survey about how they planned to spend their federal stimulus check.

The top responses: 28 percent said they would put it in savings; 20 percent said it would go to rent or mortgage; 14 percent on bills; and 14 percent on groceries and other home essentials.

A couple checked the “other” category and mentioned donating to the Food Bank of Delaware and supporting local restaurants.

And, of course, you cannot have a coronavirus without the shortage coming up. One reader wrote, “buying toilet paper.”

How do you plan to spend the stimulus check? Answer the survey.

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