Increase in COVID cases attributed to reporting issue

DOVER — The state announced one new COVID death on Sunday, bringing the total to 609.

According to data from the Division of Public Health, there have been 18,043, an increase of 151 from the day before. However, DPH cautioned those cases did not all originate this weekend.

“The Division of Public Health identified a technical issue that caused approximately 175-200 positive cases to be omitted from the state’s cumulative positive case count,” the agency said.

“All of these cases were processed through the state’s contact tracing program, however, they were not captured in the state’s statistical reporting here. The technical issue was resolved, and as DPH works to add these cases to the state’s tallies, you may notice an increase in the cumulative number of positive cases displayed over the coming days.”

Sixty-two people were hospitalized in the most recent update, with 13 critically ill. The number of hospitalizations has seen an uptick over the past three weeks but is still a fraction of the high of 337 from late April.

Delaware has reported just nine coronavirus deaths over the previous four weeks.

In total, 250,783 people — about a quarter of the state’s population — have been tested. A majority of those live in New Castle County.

The seven-day average for percentage of tests that come back positive, a key metric for state officials, was at 4.7%, consistent with recent weeks.

Of the three counties, New Castle has seen the most cases and deaths, with 8,601 and 303, respectively. However, Sussex County residents are more than twice as likely to have tested positive for COVID than those in New Castle. The southernmost county has had 6,396 cases and 196 deaths.

Kent County has had 2,712 cases and 110 deaths.

Less than 7% percent of cases have involved residents of long-term care centers even though that subgroup makes up almost 61% of deaths (369).

Eighty-three percent of deaths (equivalent to five out of six) have involved a Delawarean 65 or older even though seniors make up only 16% of cases. Just 4% of fatalities have been in people under age 50, including no COVID-attributed deaths in anyone younger than 18.

Women make up 54% of cases and 53% of deaths.

White individuals make up 35% of cases but 61% of deaths, while Hispanic/Latino Delawareans account for 24% of cases and 7% of deaths. Per capita, however, Hispanic/Latino residents are five times more likely than white ones to have had COVID.

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