Letter to the Editor: A tale for the Trump era

And the peoples of the land were fraught with worry, sickness, death, and boredom for many weeks, in their minds seemingly forever. The demons of pestilence ran rampant in small towns and great cities, and the souls of the inhabitants longed for teachers to properly instruct their children in exchange for low wages and no gratitude.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Quarantine, Distancing, Sanitizer, and Economics – ravaged the land. Rumors flew from the tongues of the unlearned; officials’ lies suppressed truths; experts were marginalized, ignored, or excoriated.

Too soon, however, some, whose isolation, wants, and desires had become overwhelming, ventured forth angrily into the emptiness. Their leaders’ pronouncements, filled with simplistic wisdom, had assured them that the never-ending time of plague had sufficiently moderated. Life could begin anew.

They were told they deserved to have haircuts. “Meat And Groceries Again!” became a rallying slogan for the true believers, and in red it was tattooed upon their foreheads in supplication and obeisance to the king.

A resumption of the lives they had known BCE (Before Coronavirus Erupted) had been given unto them. They cried to the heavens, “Rejoice, rejoice! Freedom has returned. We cast off the masks of our oppressors. Let the weak, the non-believers, hide in their homes and quiver in fear. Our God-given right not to care about our fellows has triumphed. Let us re-write The Golden Rule: ‘Do Unto Others As You Would!’ ” Groups among the egregiously wronged gathered, self-satisfied smiles aglow.

These believers’ return to normalcy began with no thoughts of the asymptomatic among them, none for the still-afflicted who suffered with each breath, none even for the dead. A raspy cough was heard…

Paul Moliken

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