Letter to the Editor: An imaginary trip to the ICU

In a dream I visited an ICU of a major hospital and saw two patients using the same ventilator.  One had the name tag “Democracy” and the other’s tag read “Autocracy.”

I asked the attending nurse about them and she said that only one of them would survive.

Then I saw another person in the hallway dressed like the grim reaper with the tag “Corona Virus.” The nurse said that he was there to infect all health workers who could not get the proper protective gear.

Then I saw a large group of new arrivals wearing bathing suits. The nurse said these poor souls took a governor seriously and too early went back to normal life.

Then, in the main lobby in front of a bank of microphones, I saw a heavyset man with a familiar hair-do tagged “Don’t Blame Me.” The nurse said that he was telling the world that none of this, including the lack of testing and other equipment, was his fault.

What a nightmare!

Frederick Longacre

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