Letter to the Editor: Birthday joys shared are birthday joys doubled

With so much heartbreak, tears, and questions in the world – Why? How did this happen? How could something like this happen to close the whole world down? – I hope you will read my letter and just for a fraction of time you will forget the world and smile.

A week ago Saturday was my birthday, my 90th. It is hard to believe, but even if we lived in a perfectly clean, healthy world, my birthday could not have been better. I am so lucky.

I am an early riser; thank goodness all my friends and family know this. My happy birthday calls started at 5 a.m. from a friend in Florida, the second call came from my sister in PA. Oh yeah, what a nice way to start a day.

My first visitor was around 6:30, and we had coffee together. She came in with mask and gloves, but we decided sitting 6 feet apart without masks, we were safe. Having coffee with a dear friend is great any time, not just on special days. After coffee and great chit chat, she went to work. The doorbell rang, and another friend arrived, a great friend with an armload of balloons. Balloons were all I could see. It looked like 100 – or maybe just 90. She never took her mask or gloves off, she wanted to protect me all the way.  We had a lovely visit. OK, so everything was A-OK.

 My family of four– mom, dad, and two beautiful daughters – not my family by birth, but still my family. and I love them dearly. They came with a birthday banner they had made. The day was so windy it tore the banner in half, that made me sad because they had worked hard on it.

To end my birthday visits came a beautiful lady I had not seen in a couple of years to wish me happy birthday, they took the time out of their lives to show me that her and her husband care.

Cards, my goodness, I got so many beautiful cards.

What a blessing my life has been. I am humbled by it all. When this is over and we end up in a new world, a much better world, I wish you good health, I wish you everything good.

I thank you for reading my letter. I hope for a few minutes you were happy. Always, always, be safe.

Gladys Groff

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