Letter to the Editor: China must be held accountable

Although there is still controversy concerning the origination of THE dread disease COVID-19, initially, when China first discovered the COVID-19 tragedy existing within its borders the Communist Party should have divulged the strong probability that it would spread rapidly throughout many countries.  Chinese travelers were potential carriers of this still unidentified disease. The Chinese Communist Party did a great disservice to their own population who suffered greatly with this neglectful, dangerous oversight. 

Did the Chinese government believe it would all go away without notice?   China has always been a deceitful political entity with no consideration for the consequences it perpetrates.

In January 2020, America was enjoying a robust economy, the strongest military in decades, proper veteran care and services, a strong manufacturing arena, and the lowest unemployment ratio it had ever experienced.  In contrast, China was experiencing problems at home.  Hong Kong  hadrioting and dissatisfaction by their own population combined with major difficulties perpetrated by American tariffs. Those tariffs were just a method of evening the score with China as they had been demanding and receiving proprietary American product information for years.

China considered what trauma could the pandemic cause America, the answer being the destruction of all that had been achieved in the past several years.  China disregarded the repercussions of COVID-19 to retaliate against America for their competitive actions against China. All’s fair?   Fair is not a word that plays any part in the Chinese Communist Party vocabulary.  Win at all cost! Mao would be proud!  The cost this time around was all the infected countries suffering the ultimate danger of COVID-19.

The inequality endured by America where China is involved covers many areas.From the World Health Organization requiring America to pay $500 million yearly to China’s annual charge of $38-$40 million.  The explanation is WHO’s designation of China declared a “developing” nation.  If China develops any further they will be ruling the world. 

The United Nations should be involved with all nations declaring China responsible for their flagrant, non-disclosure policies that are causing the world to suffer.  The UN has never been America’s beneficial ally in achieving positive actions, but in this instance the entire world has been endangered.  China must pay the price!

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly E. Monahan

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