Letter to the Editor: COVID-19 guidelines from the vantage point of a homeless person:

1. Wash your hands and face every 20 minutes with foaming soap and water for 20 seconds.  The homeless person asks: “Where can I wash my face and hands even just once a day, let alone every 20 minutes?”

2. Don’t shake hands and stay 6 feet away. The homeless person says, “I am good there, people hardly ever shake my hand. In fact, I feel invisible most times because people don’t even look at me.” 

3. Change your clothes right away and leave your shoes outside when you come inside your home.  The homeless person says, “I don’t have an inside to go into and all my clothes are dirty.”

Jim Martin

4. Drink lots of warm water and hot tea and stay hydrated.  The homeless person says, “I am thirsty right now and I don’t know where to get warm or even cold water. I am not allowed to go in anywhere now since everyone is so afraid of the virus. I have no place to even get a sip of water nowadays.”

5. The COVID-19 virus could possibly attach to hair and clothes, so wash your hair and clothes regularly. The homeless person says, “I want to shave my beard and wash my hair, but I don’t have anywhere to use the bathroom. I also need a shaver and some soap.”

6. Get plenty of sleep because sleep strengthens your immune system. The homeless person says, “I don’t have a place to sleep and I am so tired now.” 

7. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. The homeless person says, “Most of the food I have access to now is only junk food and starchy foods which is high in sugar and salt. I actually crave a fresh apple or banana. Oh, how I am praying for a banana now.” 

8. Elevate your zink and vitamin C levels. The homeless person says, “Yes, I think that is a good idea about the zink, but I can’t even find a sip of water at this point.” 

9. Pray. The homeless person says, “Oh yes, I pray. This is all I do nowadays. I pray constantly. Every thought in my mind is a prayer nowadays. God help me. God help all of us.”

Jim Martin 
Director, Shepherd’s Office, Inc.

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