Letter to the Editor: Delaware lawmaker to House of Representatives: Let’s get to work

It is incumbent upon me as an elected official to act on behalf of my district and the people of the First State.

My formal education and years of experience in the medical field provided me with much experience and insight into the practice of medicine. I have the utmost respect for all those working in the facilities on the line and behind the scenes. The practice of medicine is a combination of science, knowledge, and experience that seeks to diagnose, treat, and cure those who are ill, as well as to prevent illness in others. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have urged safe practices, shared critical information, and have relied on reports to help remain informed and to inform others.

Together, we have been living in unusual circumstances and enduring daily changes and challenges. As the weeks pass, we hope the crisis will pass and we can return to normalcy. But tomorrow’s normal may be different than yesterday’s normal. I think we are resilient and adaptable, and that we must return to more normal activity.

My role in the legislature is a distinct role that is written in the Delaware Constitution and is different than the Executive Branch; therefore, I believe it is imperative that our branch of government convene to discuss issues of great importance. We cannot, nor should we, allow another branch of government to rule in conflict with our Constitution. The governor has emergency powers to use in emergency times within specific parameters. We, the people, cannot be shut out or silenced in our concerns.

Ruth Briggs King

I have sought, like many of my colleagues, to be a team player and not a malcontent. I do not seek to make this political; moreover, I wish to bring a voice forward in this process. Over the years, I have learned that “you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.” I also learned “the squeaky wheel gets the oil.”

I have brought and will continue to bring critical concerns to specific people as advised. Too often, the responses, while cordial, have been dismissive. This is not acceptable for me or for you. Thus far, the COVID-19 modeling and predictive analysis have not been accurate. The financial ramifications, the loss of revenue, the loss of human resources, and the public dismay are increasing every day. It is too early to tell if the swift action reduced or mitigated the potential outcome or whether we could have achieved equal results without drastic measures. Equally important, the issue may continue for quite a while.

In closing, “I hear you,” and I need for us to meet in legislative session to ensure we are all heard. We can be careful, we can be prudent, and we can overcome. Consequently, I have shared my desire for the Delaware House of Representatives to convene and discuss important issues before us.

State Rep. Ruth Briggs King, 37th District

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