Letter to the Editor: Delaware State News coverage earns reader’s support

My day usually begins around 5 a.m. with my e-subscriptions to the Delaware State News. publisher Darel LaPrade’s “Keep the Press Running column in the Sunday, April 26, paper caught my eye. 

He underscored the importance of providing credible and accurate information on COVID-19 and its effects on our state and communities, and on what’s being done by state health officials. In addition to its regular coverage, the paper has certainly gone out of its way to highlight the life-saving work of front-line medical folks and first responders, community volunteers, and workers who sustain our needs.

Because of financial challenges caused by a reduction in ad revenue, Mr. LaPrade asked readers to consider joining their Press Club at delawarestatenews.net/pressclub and make a one-time donation of anywhere from $10 to $100. An added bonus is a three-month e-subscription to the Delaware State News.

I wholeheartedly support this proposal for the following reasons:

1)  In additional to national coverage, the Delaware State News is truly a hometown bulletin board. It focuses on news relevant to local communities, publishes their coming events and often provides event coverage. Reader photos and comments are regularly solicited. There are few, if any, nonprofit or volunteer organizations that haven’t benefited through partnerships with the paper, its outreach to organizations and individuals, and celebration of their events. 

2)  It strives for balance. Its mission, stated every day, reflects that. Because it doesn’t have an editorial board that signals management positions, readers are encouraged to state their point of view without fear of censorship. Submissions from all perspectives are published daily.

3) The Delaware State News holds their reporters accountable for what they write. Its reporters, news team and editors are readily available for feedback and follow up. Their contact information is listed every day and in each article. As a public relations professional of more than three decades who also taught communication and writing at the university level, my students understood that the key to credibility and ethics is keeping their biases out of their work. 

In closing, I urge readers to support their local daily paper by becoming part of the State News Press Club.

Dave Skocik

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