Letter to the Editor: Don’t look to the White House to end the pandemic

The president of the United States is a broken human being. He has no concept of us; he only knows me.  He surrounds himself with sycophants who nod in agreement when he opens his mouth. He describes these bobbleheads as ‘”terrific” and  “amazing.”

When scientists, medical professionals, elected leaders and journalists cite facts that contradict the president’s delusional gibberish, he calls them “sad losers.” He fires them if he can. He blames them when the stock market drops.  He thrusts his jaw out and threatens them.

On March 24 this president warned America’s governors: “You want ventilators and masks from the federal government’s reserves to treat your citizens? Well, governors have to treat me well, it’s a two-way street.”

He doesn’t care if his actions hurt us. Remember he doesn’t know “us.” Some of us will die because of his warped ego.

To survive, we have to listen to the scientists and doctors. We have to urge our elected leaders to speak out against the lies and threats of this damaged president and his cowardly minions.  We have to show each other we care. It is facts, courage, and empathy that will end this pandemic. You are not going to find any of those in the White House.

Joanne Cabry
Rehoboth Beach

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