Letter to the Editor: Few masks in rally crowd makes one wonder what they’re thinking

From what I saw, at the rally sponsored by Mrs. McCulley’s group in Dover recently, not many of the protesters were wearing masks and practicing any social distancing. Mrs. McCulley herself was without a mask in the picture in the paper.

If memory serves, she said that the participants would all have masks and observe correct distance, but she must have forgotten she said that. At least they weren’t screaming in police officer’s faces.

There was a lot of magical thinking going on at the demonstration. Just because we don’t have very many cases in Kent County – thankfully – it doesn’t mean the numbers are cooked or that the virus won’t happen here.

If one of the people in the crowd has the virus and is asymptomatic trying to show they were “true Americans” by not wearing a mask, they could cause the infection of many people. I hope none became infected by participating in your rally.

Also, there seemed to be quite a few wanna-be Rambos in the crowd. What were they going to do, shoot the virus?

I agree that we need to get working again but wandering around without masks in a crowd at this time isn’t the smartest thing. The more people agitate to open everything up early, the more new cases there will be and the longer it will take to get back to some sense of normalcy. That’s already happened in California and Georgia.

Steve Caporiccio

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