Letter to the Editor: Knowledge and pharmaceutical innovation will lead us to the cure

The COVID-19 pandemic has been terrifying. I am sure everyone is feeling anxious about the threat of illness, but for me caring for a disabled sister, it has been overwhelming. Both my sister and I are in a high-risk group that has been particularly devastated by the coronavirus.

My sister’s autoimmune condition already has us looking to the biopharmaceutical industry for better treatment options and hopefully – someday  – a cure.

With the additional threat of COVID-19 we are that much more desperate for innovation. We need better understanding of both autoimmune disease and COVID-19, and I fear that any unnecessary government interference could slow the process. Congress must ensure that research and development are supported and in no way micromanaged. We are depending on collaboration between the government and the private sector to get us the help we need!

It is amazing to see how much we have already accomplished in the battle against COVID-19. I am so thankful for the resources we have now, as I fear my daughter would not have survived a pandemic of the past.

Hard times make us stronger and I do believe we can use this health crisis as a catalyst to ensure our position as a world leader in biopharmaceutical innovation.

Diana Bandak

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