Letter to the Editor: No life is expendable

I have a message for Republican State Representatives Danny Short, Tim Dukes, Ruth Briggs King, Rich Collins, Ron Gray, Kevin Hensley, Shannon Morris, Charles Postles, Mike Ramone, Bryan Shupe, Mike Smith, Steve Smyk, Jeff Spiegelman, Jesse Vanderwende, and Lyndon Yearick:

I am not expendable.

The workers in chicken processing plants are not expendable.

The men and women in long term care facilities are not expendable.

Your April 30 letter to Gov. Carney was filled with the same warped and coldhearted thinking we hear from President Trump. I was hoping some of you would not swallow the same Kool-Aid (or disinfectant).

You state you can “no longer remain silent” because “we are seven full weeks into the current economic disruption” and “the efforts to curtail the spread of COVID-19 have created their own problems that are just as alarming” as the disease.

Really, representatives? Just as alarming? You equate the economic problems caused by the efforts to stop the spread of a highly contagious and deadly virus to the disease itself?  I wonder if the families of the 60,000 people in this country who died from COVID-19 since February would agree with you?

You continue with that callous thinking. You look at the tracking and conclude COVID -19 kills people in several “well-defined groups.” You point out that 90% of Delawareans who died were senior citizens. You criticize the governor’s plan for its lack of urgency. Does that mean you don’t want to wait for contact tracing so we can learn how these dead senior citizens and those currently suffering with it contracted the disease?  We may find out the carriers are not members of those “well-defined groups.”

You think the governor is wrong to prioritize more testing, especially in hot spots, because this will lead to the “discovery of more cases.” You think this is a “flawed metric” and “not an increased risk to public health.” Sussex County Councilman Sam Wilson just came right out and said it: “Where did the governor get the bright idea to test the poultry workers? They’re losing millions of dollars because of this dumb idea.” You, sepresentatives, are just wordier than Sam Wilson.

I can only hope that the governor continues to follow the principle that no life is expendable.

Joanne Cabry
Rehoboth Beach

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