Letter to the Editor: No virus, thank goodness!

Saturday morning after waking up for the third day in a row with sort of sore throat and not feeling the greatest, I decided to go to Beebe’s Georgetown medical campus to get tested for the virus.

Got there at 8:30 to a very long line of cars for this and I got to the back of the line with directions from the police officers helping out. I figured it would be a very long time. The line did move pretty good with lots of helping hands from police, and Beebe employees giving out and taking information on the reason I was there.

Got the nose swab, was directed to the next person, then to the last person who was handing out a bag of goodies to help with the virus clean up. I was told I would hear in four to seven days if I was positive or not, and to go home and stay till then, no visitors, etc.

All this was done within one hour and I was on my way home. Everyone was so polite and helpful.

Monday morning I got a call from my general practitioner and then one from Beebe informing me I had tested negative for this virus.

Thank goodness!

I will be doing as the governor has asked, which I had been doing as much as possible all along to stay as safe as possible, and I hope everyone else does the same.

Thank you again to Beebe Health Care employees.

Muriel Pfeiffer

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