Letter to the Editor: Pandemic highlights need for allergy vaccine too

I’ve had to keep a close eye on my son his whole life. He suffers from a severe tree nut allergy, making things like birthday parties, school events, or any gathering where food might be involved a cause for concern. I hope that one day, this allergy will be a thing of the past. However, there is more research to be done and more progress to be made until that’s the case.

Now, we both face an even larger threat due to COVID-19. We’re cooped up just like everyone else, social distancing to keep us both safe.

But what if this isn’t enough? One of us could still get sick despite our best efforts, and his chances are far wose than mine are in this arena. Our situation looks like that of thousands of other Delawareans, hunkered down in fear of potentially catching this virus. And likely, this reality will remain until we have a vaccine or more advanced treatment for the disease.

Delaware’s lawmakers must fight for a COVID-19 vaccine by supporting the American pharmaceutical industry. But the need for sensible policies which encourage medical innovation don’t end when the last patient is cured. My son needs emergency medication for allergic reactions and we both hope for a future cure to his ailment. With continued biopharmaceutical innovation, that might not be a pipe dream. I encourage Delaware’s representation in Congress to continue support those in pursuit of therapies that benefit everyone in American society.

Michele McLaughlin

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