Letter to the Editor: Pandemic lessons

Our governor, senators, representatives and mayors do not use common sense or seek council from locals in their decision making.

A library is like a big box store, one can socially distance, but libraries have been shut since mid-March. What are the librarians doing? Getting paid, I’m sure! The library could have been open by appointment to check out videos, books, etc. In these quarantine times, we need stimuli and entertainment. But the library is shut!

On the subject of contact tracing: The governor hired 200 tracers. He said the price was high. How many of us seniors in our homes are doing nothing? Seniors in Dover and nationwide are the most unused group of people in our society. Why not ask their help for free?

Christians: We flock to churches but I wonder do we really depend on God for our safekeeping or is that just nice talk? Christians should be leading from the front, not folded in like the rest of society. If I believe, and I do, that God knows the number of hairs on my head, then I can certainly trust him in making good coronavirus choices. To God be the glory!

Angie Emerson

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