Letter to the Editor: Pardon doctors, other health care workers

I specialize in applications for pardons, clemency and commutation of sentences. In most states, the process to get a pardon takes from 14 to 24 months, and in the federal system, even longer.

In this time of national emergency, I call upon all governors and legislatures as necessary, to change laws to expedite the pardon process for health care workers.

Change the laws and announce that all applications may be filed immediately and will be considered and decided within 14 days of submission, and that all agencies shall do whatever is necessary to restore the pardoned person’s ability to work i.e., reinstate their license, remove restrictions on accepting Medicare and Medicaid patients, etc.

We should do the same thing with applications for clemency/commutation for health care workers to get them out of prison now!

Each case still must be decided on its own merits. For example, the doctor who abused hundreds of children, Earl Brian Bradley, must never get out!

Do lawmakers really care about health and safety? Tell them to just do this!

Ken Abraham
Former Deputy Attorney General

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