Letter to the Editor: Protect liberty for next ’emergency’

It finally happened, after the April 25 modification to the governor’s State of Emergency, I lost sleep. My insomnia wasn’t caused by a virus pandemic though, but from the hit our liberties are taking during it.

This is not a letter about the pros and cons of steps taken to mitigate what does seem to be a highly contagious virus. This is a letter asking people to think about what the next “emergency” might be.

I’ve had enough contact with government to know that the first time something is done it is with caution and concern. The next time it’s easier.

Don’t believe me, look into the history of the Delaware Transportation Trust Fund. It was set up to finance and maintain our transportation system (mostly roads). Had it been left alone, we might not be wondering how we are going to pay for road repairs now. However, during a budgetary lean time the legislature decided to dip into it – just that one time. That “one time” led to many more times until it was practically decimated. It took a constitutional change, championed by former Sen. Greg Lavelle, to finally protect it.

As we deal with this pandemic, why aren’t our elected representatives called in to make these later decisions? Why aren’t we having open debates? After six weeks, certainly there has been time and means to do so while maintaining safe distancing.

Please consider contacting your elected officials about what can be put in place to protect our freedom as well as our health when the next emergency comes around. We shouldn’t be trading our freedom for a pretense of security. The next emergency might not be something you agree with.

Kim Hoey Stevenson

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