Letter to the Editor: Razzle-dazzle in midst of war on virus?

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden appears to remain under siege in the basement office of his mansion in Greenville as some elected leaders wage war with the worldwide coronavirus pandemic to find a pathway for reopening the U.S. economy.

There appear to be inconsistences in the game plan to recapture the presidency this year.

Foremost among several eye-opening changes was the initial plan to hold the Democratic National Convention in July, a full month earlier than normal.But due to safety concerns, the Democrats were forced to move their convention in Milwaukee to the traditional week of Aug. 16, right before the Republican nominating convention in Charlotte, N.C., the week of Aug. 23.

In addition, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, after dropping out of the presidential primaries. reportedly has been allowed to keep his delegates.

The recent dismissal of charges against former Army Gen. Michael Flynn demonstrates that Attorney General Bill Barr is slowly, but surely, turning the wheels of justice.

Is Joe Biden the placeholder for Hillary Clinton to be named his replacement on the 2020 November ballot, after he drops out in early September?

For gender balance, will New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, featured daily by the mainstream media as the leader of the Democratic governors creeping war on the pandemic, be Clinton’s vice-presidential running mate?

It could be that the perceived well-laid plan by the Democrat leadership may be endangered if they fail to keep Joe Biden locked in his basement and thereby off his gaffe-prone campaign trail for the additional month between July and August.

Dave Graham

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