Letter to the Editor: Slow reopening is the only way to curb virus

Reopening businesses slowly is the only way to curb COVID-19.

With that being said, opening Ocean City is going to be a death wish come true People from elsewhere will flock here in countless numbers, and either knowingly or unknowingly spread this ugly germ. 

The term “slowly” does not mean at breakneck speed, so a suggestion would be to limit the amount of out of-state tourists, at least until we see a decline in this pandemic.  Delaware is a byway for many travelers, so we are put at risk as well. 

I know it has been hard on business owners, I myself am one. But I know that going gung-ho is not going to help the situation. If we do not want to prolong the limitations and restrictions that we are currently enduring, keep the re-opening door ajar just in case it has to be slammed quickly. 

Best of luck to everyone; God bless all of you.

Debbie Hilton

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