Letter to the Editor: The emperor has no mask

The order from Gov. Carney requiring Delawareans to wear face covering in public settings contained the following language “…wearing a face covering is not permission to go out in public more often. “

I did not know that in the United States I needed permission, but be that as it may, I have a few simple questions for the Emperor Carney. Sorry, I meant Gov. Carney.

What phone number do I call to obtain permission? Is the governor mandating that we wear masks in our own home if we do not live alone? Certainly if masks are effective wouldn’t this be a logical extension to protect our families. Does Gov. Carney wear a mask when he is inside his home? If not, why not?

If 50% of the population grows tired of these mandates and decides not to wear a mask is Gov. Carney threatening to give citations to, or jail, half the state?

Since many state services are not available during this time when will I receive a tax rebate for services not rendered?

Signed, a simple taxpayer.

Mike Valiante

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