Letter to the Editor: True colors show in time of crisis

The mask comes off in a time of crisis for the bad and the good,

The selfish,  greedy, and self-seeking show their dark spirits, while the hard-working, honest, and caring extend an outlook of compassion, displaying their spirits of light. 

It is truly a time of devastation, loss, and uncertainty, but also a time of realizing just how much we need each other.

Giving in to panic and selfishness at any time only creates chaos and hard feelings.  Reaching out a helping hand or offering a shoulder to someone opens hearts.

Let’s do the best we can to overlook the negative and focus on the positive. Those taking advantage of the situation, let karma handle them. Those stepping up to the plate, God bless each and every one of them,  always. 

Remember, you can’t fix stupid, and you can’t quarantine it either.

Debbie Hilton

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