Letter to the Editor: World health, our health, our future

To: Donald J. Trump, President

From: We the People

Who have we become? Begrudging our own generosity, thinking everyone in the world does us wrong.

America gives because America has received. And for that we are grateful.

Not only are we grateful for what we have received, America is grateful that the rest of the world is receiving valuable information as well.

World health. Our health. As much as we wish it otherwise, we know the task before us looms large and is complicated. A healthy economy requires healthy people working in safety nationally, locally, and world-wide.

Testing. Contact tracing. How, when and where? This will take time. There is no “quickly” here. We wish you would see that. We do.

Withholding funds that were appropriated by Congress is why you were impeached. Every day you show us such impeachment is justly deserved. This saddens us. We are grieving the loss of life, and we are also grieving the loss of Presidential leadership. You don’t see this. But we do. And that’s what counts.

We the People know that your authority is not absolute. Though you say otherwise, you know that too. If not, you are discovering that now. It is a shared authority. We the People have authority too. Though we often forget, we “authored” the nation, what we do, and who we choose to be “authors” our future.

We the People will get through this crisis. It is our responsibility to do so. We do not run away from responsibility. We have proven again and again we have “response-ability.”

We the People will now take the lead. You will no doubt continue to do and be who you are.

We the People know who we are. We are realizing that will be enough. It always is.

Robert McCullough
Rehoboth Beach

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