Letter to the Editor: Wouldn’t want to be in the governor’s shoes

I wouldn’t be in Gov. John Carney’s shoes if you paid me five times his salary. Think of pleasing everyone with the difficult decisions he makes daily trying to protect the citizens of this state from getting the coronavirus and from dying, and then having to see photos of people protesting your decision. He is listening to his medical team for health decisions and to his economic team for the long-term effects on the economy. Then, looking over his shoulder, not many months away, he has to come up with a balanced state budget which most certainly will require major cuts, especially to nonprofits.

All the while, those protesting about the right to be in public in large groups don’t have the decency to wear a mask around others who might be the next victims of this deadly virus. I didn’t mind seeing photos of the triumphant protesters at the beach waving their signs and American flags, but I was very upset watching them parade without any protective gear over their mouths while on the boardwalk, and without respect for others while walking together like rat packs.

I’m sure under pressure from businesses – no doubt hurting from this shutdown, as the majority of businesses in Delaware are small – the governor has relented sooner than he wished to open some establishments. He has gambled that we won’t have a spike in the virus after the sacrifices made by medical personnel and first responders over the past several months.

Our governor has in mind the best interest of those who elected him as well as those who did not vote for him. In a perfect world, he could make everyone happy. But elected officials sometimes have to make the tough call that goes against the grain of some, however right that call may be.

I am an elderly citizen with medical problems that make this virus dangerous. I, along with many elderly, appreciate the governor’s conservative approach and will stand with him on his decision making.  That is unless he suggests we take President Donald Trump’s recommended malaria drug and disinfectants. Then, all bets are off.

Frank B. Calio

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