Light displays aim to bring cheer during pandemic

Christy and Ed Curley have been decorating their house with different messages for more than three weeks. (Submitted photo/Christy Curley)

MAGNOLIA — Christy Curley is looking to brighten people’s days during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The Curleys’ house on Ponderosa Drive in Magnolia is providing passersby with a little inspiration.

Each week the Curleys have hung different displays of Christmas lights on their roof. This current design is of a tractor, to honor the farm workers still working during the crisis.

Mrs. Curley has been putting the lights up for three weeks. The first week was a USA sign while the second week was a trucker display to honor delivery drivers.

The house of Christy and Ed Curley in Magnolia has been displaying Christmas lights on its roof to honor essential workers during the current pandemic. (Submitted photo/Christy Curley)

Mrs. Curley, who decorates her house every year during the holiday season, first came up with the idea when it looked like schools were going to close in order to help slow the spread of the virus.

“My youngest son was kind of freaked out and we felt helpless in the moment,” Mrs. Curley said. “We didn’t know how to make him feel better. We thought, what about Christmas lights? We love Christmas lights. We heard people were doing it but we never saw anyone do it yet.”

Mrs. Curley said she will attempt to do a different theme to try to celebrate essential workers every other week during the pandemic.

Christy and Ed Curley hope their displays of Christmas lights on their roof in Magnolia can help put a smile on people’s faces. (Submitted photo/Christy Curley)

She’s been posting pictures on her Facebook page and the business page she runs with her husband Ed — A Pair of Painters. The town of Magnolia’s Facebook page is also sharing some photos of the lights.

“The other day we started noticing people are actually slowing down and taking pictures outside the house,” Mrs. Curley said.

More houses in Magnolia have followed suit.

“The other day my husband looks and me and goes, ‘We got to go,’” Mrs. Curley said. “I was elated when we went down West Birdie Lane. It was really exciting. There was quite a few of them lit up.”

Mrs. Curley has always been passionate about Christmas light displays. Around Christmas time the house has a row of lights which wraps around the entire front, another row on the bushes and more on the roof.

“My husband and I are like little kids when it comes to this stuff,” she laughed. “Honestly I think we like them more than our own kids.”

For now, Mrs. Curley just hopes her current displays can put a smile on people’s faces.

“It’s a little corny,” Mrs. Curley said. “But at the same time, who doesn’t love Christmas lights?”

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