Maryland health care center establishes COVID-19 rehabilitation unit

SALISBURY, MD — When COVID-19 patients recover but aren’t yet ready to return from the hospital that creates a strain for the healthcare system when it needs to free up medical beds. A rehabilitation unit at the Anchorage Healthcare Center seeks to address that. 

The 25-bed COVID-19 recovery and rehabilitative unit at Anchorage is anticipated to open by April 10, officials said in a release. 

The unit, with its own highly trained, volunteer team, will provide skilled nursing care for COVID-19 patients who are not yet able to safely stay at home or care for themselves, a release said. 

“Our entire healthcare system is working together to meet this incredible challenge,” said Fred Stratmann, spokesman for the CommuniCare Family of Companies. “We feel it’s important for us to do our part and to be transparent with our residents and their families, our staff and the community as a whole about what we are doing.”  

These could include patients requiring IV treatments, antibiotics, and respiratory support.  Equally as important is the physical therapy component. It is designed to help patients resume the normal activities of daily life such as feeding themselves, getting up and down stairs and in and out of their vehicles.

A double plastic wall was installed at the entrance, and all edges were sealed.  A decontamination area was established for carts, trays and equipment coming off the unit, according to officials.

A changing area was set up for the team to get into their personal protective equipment, which is being kept in the isolation unit. Precautions were taken to create a negative pressure environment and to ensure the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems would stay separate from the rest of the center.

Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC), which is essentially a neighbor to the Anchorage Healthcare Center in Downtown Salisbury, has been providing education and training for staff on appropriate protective gear and protective measures, officials said. 

PRMC clinicians are also working with their counterparts at Anchorage to develop medical pathways for care, and making sure patients will have the support system they need to continue getting well upon discharge.

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