Millsboro’s fireworks canceled for 2020

MILLSBORO — COVID-19 has doused the fuse for 2020 Stars & Stripes IV – the Greater Millsboro Chamber of Commerce’s community celebration/fireworks show scheduled for Saturday, June 27 at Cupola Park.

“Unfortunately, due to various public safety concerns, and an uncertain timeline of both the pandemic and government restrictions, it is with very heavy hearts and minds, that we have decided to cancel our 2020 Stars & Stripes fireworks event,” Greater Millsboro Chamber of Commerce President Kevin Turner announced Friday.

The Stars & Stripes fireworks extravaganza – the Greater Millsboro Chamber’s single large-scale event of the year — has been rescheduled for next summer, Saturday, June 26, 2021.

The chamber had kept open hope that conditions and restrictions would be lifted to accommodate the large mass gathering of several thousand people.

“The current government restrictions are of course a hurdle, especially for a large gathering such as this. A proper request was being drafted to Governor Carney’s office, including a summarized plan of how guidelines would have been met during the event,” said Mr. Turner. “In the 11th hour, pivotal persons raised some points of apprehensive concern. All were legit concerns to take into consideration and could’ve been worked on collectively with time.”

“I’m disappointed that these apprehensions were not pointed out earlier on in the game to save some heavy anticipation and time,” said Mr. Turner. “There was certainly no lack of trying, and we held out as long as we could to bring everyone a great 2020 show. But it appears we can’t effectively steer the boat without all willing hands on deck at this time.”

“Henry Ford described ‘unity’ best, ‘Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is a success,'” said Mr. Turner.

Past Stars & Stripes fireworks shows drew rave reviews, some pegging them among the best in the region.

In announcing the cancellation, Mr. Turner extended sincere thanks to all “our sponsors who had stepped up this year, to make this such a wonderful event for our community! All 2020 sponsorship and vendor proceeds will carry over to next year’s event,” said Mr. Turner.

“The town of Millsboro has been very accommodating. Town Manager Sheldon Hudson has been a helpful guide of insight and support for our event, before and during this pandemic,” said Mr. Turner. “Also, thank you Aaron Jackson with Brothers Pyro, you’ve been great for hanging in there with us! And, of course, thank you to those in Millsboro that believed in what this event has been, is, and will be.”

Initially, the Millsboro Chamber had considered possibly rescheduling the event to Labor Day weekend, but that option is no longer on the table.

“No, only because we were unaware of a second wave of this thing coming through,” said Mr. Turner. “It’s for a couple different reasons. That being one. And second would be that there would be no real good turnaround time between a Labor Day event and then trying go for sponsorship and all that stuff again. So, it’s just easier to cancel until next year.”

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