No new Delaware COVID deaths for second straight day; 611 new cases

DOVER – Delaware recorded zero deaths related to COVID-19 for the second-consecutive day in 2021 according to Saturday’s data released by the Division of Public Health on Sunday, however, it did tack on an additional 611 positive cases for the coronavirus.

Among the COVID-19 data accumulated as of 6 p.m. Saturday, the state had 59,484 total cases, of which 421 people were hospitalized with 53 critically ill. The hospitalizations increased by nine patients over the previous day while six came off the critically ill list.

The daily hospitalization total has exceeded 400 every day since Dec. 15.

New Castle County, which added 330 new cases on Saturday to lead all counties in the state, has seen 34,182 cases and 464 deaths overall, while there have been 9,600 cases and 168 fatalities in Kent County and 15,563 and 298, respectively, in Sussex County.

The 18- to 34-year-old age group has accumulated the most positive cases in the state with 18,084, a total of 4,729 more than the 35- to 49-year-old age group at 13,355. There were 149 additional positive cases added to the 18-34 group in Saturday’s data while the 50-64 group tacked on the second most positive cases at 147.

Delaware has reported more COVID cases in the past seven weeks than in the first eight months of the pandemic. About half its deaths occurred during a two-month period beginning in late March, although fatalities have picked up since the beginning of November.

Just 3% of deaths attributed to the coronavirus have involved individuals younger than 50, including no one under age 18. Those who are 65 and older make up 83% of deaths, but 14% of cases.

Residents of long-term care centers account for almost 54% of deaths.

Forty-six percent of cases and 67% of deaths involve White residents of the state, while 23% of cases and deaths involve Black Delawareans. Hispanic and Latino Delawareans make up 18% of cases but only 7% of deaths. Delawareans of other races account for 13% of cases and 3% of deaths.

Females account for 53% of cases and 51% of fatalities here.

In total, 516,770 Delawareans, or more than half the state’s population, have been tested. Residents of Kent are the least likely to have been tested, per DPH data.

Delaware has vaccinated 14,113 people so far. Currently, only health care personnel, emergency medical workers and long-term care staff and residents are eligible.

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