Report: Dozens of COVID-19 cases at Genesis care center in Milford

MILFORD — As state officials impose additional restrictions on nursing homes to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the Milford Center has reportedly seen dozens of cases.

The center, which is operated by Genesis HealthCare, has 55 residents and 13 employees who have tested positive or are presumed to have the disease, Genesis told the TV station WBOC.

Genesis did not respond to multiple requests for comment Wednesday.

Per a statement the company sent to WBOC, 12 of the residents are asymptomatic.

A spokeswoman Delaware Division of Public Health said there were six deaths and 15 laboratory-confirmed cases there but noted the center’s figures would be more up-to-date.

As of Monday, there had been 130 cases in at least 19 long-term care facilities throughout the state. Twenty-nine of the state’s 43 COVID-19 deaths so far have involved residents of such centers.

Delaware announced Wednesday it is mandating all nursing homes set aside both staff and special spaces to care for COVID-19 patients and establish a designated space for newly admitted and re-admitted patients to stay for 14 days while being watched for signs of the disease.

Returning residents to their care facility or home is of great importance, and they will be allowed back after being treated for COVID-19 as long as the site follows proper protocols, state officials said.

Should residents be forced to be placed in other facilities, they will be returned home as soon as possible.

Richard Feifer, chief medical officer at Genesis, told Fox News last week nearly 20 percent of nursing home patients who contract the disease die, which he described as a staggering figure.

There are many ways the virus can enter a home, such as through a visitor or when a resident goes out for an essential medical appointment, Dr. Feifer said. Once it’s there, it can spread like wildfire.

The state has previously placed other limits on nursing homes, such as restricting gatherings and visitors, in hopes of limiting the spread. Gov. John Carney has described an outbreak in long-term care homes as his biggest worry.

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