Seaford implements rotating work schedule for city employees

SEAFORD – The city of Seaford is taking an additional precautionary step in concerted efforts to limit the spread and potential exposure to COVID-19.

Effective today, the city is implementing a rotating weekly work schedule for crews, in which half will work one week and the other half will work the following week, Seaford City Manager Charles Anderson said Monday.

“What we have done is we have gone to our third step with personnel,” said Mr. Anderson. “Starting (today), our crews, critical people – public works, electrics, parks, all of those people – half are going to go home and self-quarantine, and the other half will come to work. Then, weekly we’re going to rotate that.”

The hope is that this will limit employee travel in efforts curb the spread of the coronavirus.

“And in the event that we do have some sickness or illness, we have people that are sitting home that are not exposed,” Mr. Anderson said.

Additionally, the city plans to implement body temperature checks of employees.

“We wanted late last week to implement taking everybody’s temperature before they came in, as the next kind of step and level. We couldn’t get thermometers. They shipped today, so hopefully we’ll have them in the next couple of days,” said Mr. Anderson.

These measures come under the umbrella of Gov. John Carney’s announcement Sunday of a stay-at-home order that would go into effect today at 8 a.m. through May 15, or until the crisis has subsided.

Also, teams of people in every city facility in Seaford have volunteered to do additional cleanings or sanitization.

“We have notified our cleaner; he’s is spending extra time in our facilities as well … doing deeper cleaning than he normally would,” said Mr. Anderson.

Meanwhile, two city employees are under self-quarantine, based on their overseas travel, Mr. Anderson said.

Initially, Seaford’s first level of precaution was the closure of city hall and offices to public, with the drive-thru as an option for residents and customers.

City election rescheduled

Seaford’s 2020 municipal election set for Saturday, April 18 is postponed and rescheduled for Saturday, May 16.

The city on Monday received authorization to move its election from Delaware Election Commissioner Anthony Albence.

‘So, that means a couple things. One, we’ve delayed it by a month. Also, our voter registration deadline is also delayed by a month,” said Mr. Anderson.

Two three-year council terms and the two-year mayor’s post are up for election.

Candidates for mayor are incumbent David Genshaw and James King, a member of city council. Candidates for council are Alan Cranston, Jose Santos and incumbent Dan Henderson. Current councilman William Mulvaney is not seeking re-election.

If held May 16, voting for registered voters with the city will be held from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. at city hall on High Street.

Mr. Mulvaney will continue as a councilman in the interim.

“I have spoken with our retiring council person, Bill Mulvaney, and he understands. He is going to continue service, so he will be participating in any decision-making or future meetings we have,” said Mr. Anderson.

Eligible voters must be 18 years of age or older, a resident and U.S. citizen and be registered in the city’s “Books of Registered Voters” maintained at Seaford City Hall.

With the extended voter registration deadline, residents wishing to vote in 2020 must be registered by 5 p.m. Friday, April 24.

“Contingent upon on how this goes, we’ll see what happens,” said Mr. Anderson. “We are hopeful we can get the election in with the month delay. And hopefully, things start to turn around and really start to improve here – and nationwide.”

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