Speak Out: Coronavirus testing must be covered by insurance, state says

Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro is reminding Delawareans and insurers that coronavirus testing is a necessary benefit required to be covered by health care. Insurers and providers should also promote telemedicine to allow people to speak with a doctor remotely, Mr. Navarro said.

How is this going to happen when many deductibles are $6,000 or more? Thanks to Obamacare. – Mark Schmalhofer

Blue Cross sent out emails stating that testing will be covered 100% regardless of deductible or co-pays, co-insurance, etc. So hopefully other insurance companies will be doing the same. (Pennsylvania Independence Blue Cross, sorry I wasn’t more specific.) Hopefully, they will be doing the same thing in Delaware. I’m guessing that maybe since Montgomery County has a bunch of confirmed cases that just started showing up that they were rushing to get a plan set up for testing here as quickly as possible. – Wren Allen

You choose that plan with the high deductible. Other plans available to you but at a higher monthly premium. Thankfully, you were at least able buy a plan with no preexisting conditions. Premiums would be much lower if Trump didn’t eliminate individual mandate. Regardless, Trump administration has a court date in July to completely eliminate your health insurance with no back up plan.– Cathy Austin

Are you serious with your comments? “You chose that plan with the high deductible”? What insurance do you have and how much does it cost? There are no affordable options for people who don’t work for the government, who don’t receive Medicaid or Medicare and who are self-employed or work for smaller companies.  After Obamacare, our insurance skyrocketed! We just dropped it because we were paying 1200k a month with a 15k deductible. Obamacare and the individual mandate were unconstitutional. Politicians in Washington have 70 percent of their premiums paid and access to plans that we don’t have access to. If this wasn’t the case, they would have fixed it long ago. President Trump can’t make change because Congress won’t cooperate. They pledged to resist from the beginning, and this is exactly what they are doing! – Beth Ann

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