Speak Out: COVID-19 and nursing homes

COVID-19 continues to ravage nursing homes and similar facilities in Delaware. Elderly individuals and those with serious underlying conditions are most at risk from the virus, creating a perfect storm that has swept through many long-term care centers, leaving destruction in its wake. Twenty-seven facilities have seen at least one death, although 117, or 66 percent, involved just eight places.

• Close them. Problem solved. Close meat plants. Problem solved. Just get chicken from grocery stores. – Daniel A. Miller

• The state is opening casinos and keeping everything for kids closed. The government isn’t too good at doing stuff. – Ryan Fenimore

• If you mean the federal government, I agree. No leadership from President Trump or the Senate. – William Mazzariello

• Well, opening adult activities and keeping kid activities closed would make sense since kids are usually most responsible for spreading communicable diseases. They know no social distancing, they don’t always keep space from each other, sometimes they even bite one another. Do adults do that on a regular basis? – Heather Laskey

• The open-up-Delaware people are the death panel for these people who would normally have some quality life ahead of them. – Dennis Norwood

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