Speak Out: Delaware rally to oppose virus quarantine restrictions

A grass-roots campaign opposing what organizers consider excessive quarantine restrictions imposed by Gov. John Carney to stem the COVID-19 pandemic plans to showcase its case at Legislative Hall. A public “Reopen Delaware Rally” is scheduled for Friday, May 1, from noon to 3 p.m. It is sponsored by Delawareans Against Excessive Quarantine, an organization that urges fellow patriots to organize and work toward a reasonable solution to the COVID-19 global crisis.

Everyone that thinks they shouldn’t stay home should be put on an island so you can infect each other. It’s who you could infect, not just yourselves. I just lost my grandad two days ago to COVID-19. – Emily Dispo

You people won’t have jobs or anything for that matter if the country doesn’t open up. Can’t help others if we don’t have an economy. Printing money doesn’t resolve anything. – Matt Schreck

There are always who think they are the victim! I hope they abide by the law, on which is given to the governor during crisis! I bet not of these people will refuse the stimulus package or any other benefits they may be able to get because in their opinion the government should not be able to do it. Hypocrites!! The generation of “it is all about me” is not aging well or wisely. – Diane Butters-Eastburn

No matter which side you take, there are risks involved. You could become infected with COVID-19 … or you could lose your livelihood … or your other medical issues have not been treated … or you could live under an authoritarian government. Those are the outcomes/options I see down the road. I have to make a choice just like you do. – Dave Johnson

People don’t understand the consequences of economic recession or even depression. Why can’t regular businesses open following the same rules as the grocery stores, hardware stores, drug stores, liquor stores, etc., and people with underlying conditions stay home? If we keep this up the cure is going to be worse than the disease. People will lose their homes, with poverty everywhere, worse than the Great Depression. – Judith Mitchel Cleaver

People have been getting sick even after recovering. – Floraleathea Coppedge

I am immune-surpressed. Unless you plan on staying in for another year until there is a vaccine (which I won’t be getting) the virus will not be going away. Those who feel they are in danger should quarantine. Those who feel they are not and would like to build the immunity, be freed. They should not have to be locked up for the rest of us. – Shirley Inman Shea

Delaware’s curve isn’t flattening, its jumping by wider margins every day. i will just tell people who WANT to be educated to visit https://coronavirus.delaware.gov/ and look at the charts, We just had a LARGE spike in confirmed cases, but let’s just keep ignoring the mask and social-distancing warnings. – Craig Walter

If I can’t walk into my classroom and greet students there is no way I will participate in a rally. – Cindy Christiansen

There’s a fine line between being brave and just being out right stupid. If you want to go out and take that risk I would have to say it would be pretty selfish of you, especially participating in a rally or protest during a pandemic. At the time you may not be infected but the person next to you might just be a carrier and you might end up being a carrier then too. When that event is over you come home and infect a loved one and they come down with the symptoms, how will you feel then? The only thing you will accomplish is spiking the curve when we should be starting its descent. Use a little common sense and this will pass. Now as far as me staying home, I wish I had that luxury. Unfortunately I am in the middle of the ocean hauling freight that might have the equipment needed to fight this pandemic. I have already been in a few hot zones, so the question for you is would you want me being anywhere near you if I was to come home? Do you really want to take that chance? – Brandon Scott Albro

I would never want my safety to outweigh your right to move freely as an American citizen. I travel every day for work from a rural county in Tennessee that has two cases to Nashville which is a hotspot. I also am responsible for my own safety and take proper precautions. I do not need the government forcing me to be responsible. – Dale Guessford

These people are well organized and funded. I Wonder who is in the background. ¬ Ed Otter

We are regular people like you that are ready to get back to work. There is no secret funding. Jonathan Peters

Did you poll small business owners and their employees to see if they wanted to put their lives at risk? Did you take into consideration our medical professionals and first responders? – Mark Omega Richardson

I’m a RN and I belong to the group and I’m all for it. – Cammy Budnavage

Fighting amongst ourselves isn’t working. People are planning to protest because they are economically struggling. Instead, we could start an adopt-a-family program. For those that wish the quarantine to continue, many of your friends and neighbors are now unemployed. They need help with housing payments, utilities, and groceries. Please reach out to those you know. Instead of judging, try to help. – Chrystal Woerner Redden

Wow the anti-science crowd is going hard here. There is enough scientific data out on the virus now to prove without a reasonable doubt that this is a very bad idea. – Patrick Gaston Sweeney

What does science have to do with there only being 61 dead and 224 in the hospital (at that time)? Nearly every person who has died was in a nursing home. – Nathaniel Menefee

You think coronavirus magically appeared in the nursing homes? Coronavirus doesn’t move, people do. Just because it may not be deadly to you doesn’t mean you can’t pass it to someone that can die from this. What if one of those was your parents or grandparents? You would be doing everything you could to prevent that. – Fawn Daniels

I do not see this shutdown as fascist. I can still go out to get the things I need to be comfortable at home. I have multiple family members that are immunocompromised with various health conditions. I have no problem doing what I can to help stop the spread of this virus as should every conscientious American patriot. It’s an understanding that America is bigger than just one person and their personal desire to do as they please. Two of my family members are nurses in ICUs in two hard hit states. I know firsthand how horrible this virus is. And the reality is we as citizens did not have accurate information on how this virus spread for two months. That’s two months of damage by an exponentially spreading airborne virus. I can defend myself and my family here at home and protect their right to life liberty and happiness and still understand how dangerous this viral threat really is. Also, I have a biology degree and my family is also very heavily science based so I understand the threat we are facing. Since this started the death rate has doubled. We originally were looking at 2% to 3% now in the U.S. we are currently running at a 5% to 6% death rate. And that’s with deaths at home in the U.S. as unreported. I understand because I’m hurt financially right now myself. Self-employed but the retailers I sell my products to are all closed. So yes, I’m very angry about the lack of supposed readily available financial help that’s non-existent. But a rally is not the smart way to voice concerns when the threat is an airborne virus. If I were an organizer, I’d be very concerned about the ethics of putting people in danger. The Constitution’s rules have always been backed up by a foundation of ethics and common sense. – Patrick Gaston Sweeney

Look people if we reopen early and it gets worse we will be back on lockdown until fall. My son is getting married, I hope, in September. If you idiots screw this up, I’m gonna be pissed. – Lisa Lewis

This country has surpassed any other worldwide. Some in other countries have been locked down much longer and their cases has dropped. In a few where they relaxed their lockdown too soon are reporting renewed cases. Is this to fake news to hurt Trump? Do these people read or do they only listen to Fox and blow as hard rightwing Trump slaves? – Michael Jones

Lots of us are worried about money, are restless, and want to go back to work. Some of do not allow our feelings to negate our actions. There is also some sort of denial happening here. How can people believe that this global pandemic and worldwide shut down is a Democratic vs. Republican thing? The whole world is caught up in the illness. How could it be about the U.S. government taking our rights? – Mary Conard

Can we think about our doctors and nurses working since this virus started? They are stretched to their limits and working in conditions that could open themselves and their families to this virus. If you want to protest about your rights go ahead, but don’t go to the hospital when you get sick. Take it home to your family let them take care of you!!! It’s your right!!!! – Deborah Collins Nelson

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