Speak Out: Funding for school lunches

Families with children who are eligible for free or reduced-price school meals will begin receiving assistance with food purchasing. Parents were notified of their eligibility for additional funding — about $370 per child.

• So, does this mean the schools no longer have to deliver breakfast and lunch to neighborhoods? Currently, you have schools providing free meals in their districts, so why would you also give families additional funds. Isn’t this double dipping? – Sandy Evans Primo

• It is not double dipping. It’s being sent to children who qualify for free or reduced meals or those attending a school in a low-income area. At this time, the school is not spending the amount of money they normally would be spending on food. I have not picked up meal kits for my son (as) we are fortunate that they aren’t needed. However, the extra food cost having him home the last three months has stung a bit. We don’t receive food assistance but I will gladly take the help and so will many others who are in our situation or worse off. – Bri Townsley

• Why is there even an argument about extra money for food? The people that don’t agree more than likely didn’t send their stimulus check back because they didn’t need it, right? I’m sure it’s difficult for those who are struggling. It’s not for their car payment. It’s for food, for goodness’ sake. – April Sarandrea

• People are really griping about money to feed kids? Sad world. – Jackie Farley Furr

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